Did it hurt when you landed on your face during that fall from heaven?


Let’s face it, most men are clueless when it comes talking to girls. Every girl and their mother has a story about some silly, horrible, or downright ridiculous thing some guy has said to her at some point. And every guy that has ever tried to chat up a woman has a story about that time he blurted out something really fucking dumb. This is where we share those things for the world to enjoy! Partly to laugh at, partly to learn from, and partly because two roommates were drinking on a weekday afternoon and said “why doesn’t a website exist for this yet?” And who better to build one than a professional pick-up artist and a smoking hot goth girl?


No one, that’s who.

Here’s why:


Alexander Prophet
A professional dating coach for Venusian Arts, a master of app development, and builder of awesome things. It is Prophet’s goal in life to be the most interesting man in the world. Having been trained by some of the world’s greatest pick-up artists, Prophet understands that it’s not just about cheesy lines and funny hats (although he has used many of both over the years) – there is an art to maintaining a fun, interesting conversation. He’s very proud to say that nothing posted here has ever come from one of his students.  When not teaching men how to actually talk to women, he spends his time salsa dancing, building websites while sitting in a ball pit, and sending cameras to space to photograph the earth.  Read more about Prophet here.


Bionic Dimples
A wing-girl of Olympic standards and all around bad-ass.  Bionic Dimples is a self-professed “clothing designer for the strange and weird” including, but not limited to goths, drag queens, and dominatrixes.  She also helps out Prophet and his students at bootcamps.  In her spare time she plays PS3 and drinks heavily while playing in the ballpit on the patio.



Have you or someone else said something idiotic in a bar? Have you received a creepy message online? Do you have an absurd FB conversation that MUST be shared?  Did you just receive (or send) a drunk text that you’re about to post on TFLN?  Post your story using the forum at the top of this page or email it to us at submit@whatnottosaytogirls.com. Please consider keeping your attachment small (under 1MB). Better yet, include a link to the file in your email, hosted somewhere like MediaFire or imgur or some other equivelant.

Everything is posted here anonymously so please do not include real names or revealing information.  Obviously, we reserve the right to remove personal details and especially violent or graphic content. We don’t want to be censor-crazy, but we all know how deranged some of these internet Trolls are so we gotta draw a line somewhere.  If you have submitted something and would like it removed or edited, please feel free to email us at support@whatnottosaytogirls.com and we’ll do our best to help you out.


Also, check out our terms and conditions for full details of our legal policies.  Basically: this is for entertainment purposes only.  We don’t take any of this seriously so neither should you.  If you cant laugh at how silly members of the opposite sex can be then you’ve some to the wrong website.  We know it’s boring but we have to post this stuff so no one sues us.


Read, post, learn, laugh, and most importantly: don’t make the same mistakes others clearly have.