Cheezy Lines

Too bad you’ll never find out

If they had a tight pussy award I think you would win

Wizards Are Hella Sexy

The weirdest thing just happened… I just saw this cat in the street that looks exactly like you msg me back quickly so I know a wizard hasn’t turned you into a cat LOL

Well now that you mention it….

I’m not even sure what this mean, but some guy PM’d me this.

I’ve thought you’d be happy fucking my ass.

Does he mean he wants me to fuck him with a strap-on? WTH?

I Guess He’s Played Dimey-Penny Before?



Me: Panny?


Haha diss.. Thanks.

I’m still not sure what that was all about?

No Thanks?

should come and suck me off;0

Kind of Clever Actually

I would never msg you because msg is bad and causes cancer.

Interesting Offer

First message from random guy online:

mmmm wana fuck me with a strap on??

Because College Students Have So Much Money

So you’re going to college? That’s perfect cause I’m looking for a woman to be my sugar momma all day while i go to the gym and lay around all day… what you think?

No. In Fact, please don’t!

can i cum for u

Pineapples Are Scratchy

We should make love beneath a pineapple tree.