More Than You Can Afford

How many seafood dinners would it take before you do bedroom acrobatics?

A subtle dance

A subtle dance

Old Mr. Grey

i can be your mr. grey…..;-)…..”but first i need you to acknowledge me as your man, to serve me as i say… are my equal in many ways, and i will always protect you, however, you need to be shown that there is a dynamic between us, that i am in control, of us, and that you must do as i say, or accept what i give, and receive my will… may not always like it, but it will always be for your own good”…..;-)

I’m 19, he’s 43. SCARY!!



Poop is not a sexy conversation starter

I’m at least a solid 5/7

outta comptin

It started off so innocent!

how are you doing this evening? would love to chat with ya.looking to meet new people and see what happens from there…i love making a woman squirt all over and love to lick pussy;)im almost 8″ and three fingers thick…would love to feel it rub against your g spot as i bend you over the side arm of the couch;)hope to hear back from you

And eat cake!


Tempting… but no…

Wanna get stoned and let me lick you until you make my whole face wet?

Such A Charmer!

You should be called miss dime

Me: Because you want to pick me up?

Because its true and girls like you are a dime a dozen