Fastest Online Relationship Ever

i wud yam yu

wow im glad i stumbled upon yur really hot :$ i wud yam yu for days :p lol

My reply – “wud yam yu”? What the hell dude?

loll it means i wud go down on yu. yu have such a nice body omg ;p

What’s funny is that just makes it creepier.

Inappropriate Message Fail

What A Charming Gentleman

damn girl, you must cause cocks to go hard where ever you go!!!

I love “u”


I will pay to lick ur feet

Preheat to 400 Degrees F

Preheat to 400 Degrees F

Smoke Cox?


I’m NOT hot?

You’re not that hot

Me: Yes I am, and you’re a dick.

Is it pink or blue?

Is it pink or blue?