How To Talk To Girls

I Have A Tiny Penis

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Can I Have Your Number? – MadTV Skit

Direct game gone hilariously wrong… even though it’s just a skit watch how the girl’s body language and replies are constantly conveying disinterest!

Phone Game – The Problem With Mass Texting Girls

I didn’t always use to be, but I’ve become quite the social guy. Seven years ago my Friday and Saturday nights would have been spent playing EVE Online or World of Warcraft. Nowadays, I’m out with friends doing something almost every WEEKDAY. But on…

The Date – Time Bridges and Day-2s

A question I hear a lot from students is “Where do I take all these girls for a Day-2 once I close them?” This is usually followed up with “I don’t have a lot of money” and “There isn’t really much to do in my city.” But believe it or not, there are …

Halloween Is Fast Approaching!

Halloween is my favorite time of year. My roommates and I decorate the hell out of the place, watch classic horror movies almost all month, shamble around the city as undead corpses for the Toronto Zombie Walk and, check out the various indy horror mo…

Video: Friendzone

I absolutely love this video. It turns out that the only way out of the friend zone is assault and grand theft auto.

blink-182 Pick Up Lines

This is too funny not to share. I kinda want to find a better band and try this myself!

When to Text A Girl

Ever since my last article on How to Get A Girl’s Number and the release of the VA Phone Game app, a lot of people have been asking me when you should text a girl – especially when you can’t get them on the phone.

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How to Get A Girl’s Number

I’ve been saving this for the release of the VA Phone Game iPhone App, so now that it’s out I can share it here on the blog! This is just a sample of what we’ve got in the Articles section of the app – available for free in the app store now!

How to …

Setting the Frame for A Date

I love doing stuff all over the city. Whether it’s looking at really tall ships, participating in a massive pillow fight, exploring a wine tasting festival, or smoking a J at a hippie drum circle, I’m pretty much excited to do anything that involve…