Just Plain Creepy

No, but thanks for asking!

He probably couldn't handle it

BDSM anyone?

Anyone?  Anyone at all?

Are You Freaky?

Are You Freaky?

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Something About Disney Prince Pick-Up Lines is Profoundly Strange

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Nothin gets me hot more than people talking about my skin!

Nothin gets me hot more than people talking about my skin!

Hello, I want to have sex with you

Hello,I want to have sex with you, I want to be your friend with benefits, I am 28 and sindle and white and I know how to please a women and I am very good it. I am very serious and I hope you will email me.

Morbidly obese man sent me this on plenty of fish i thought he was joking until he said he was very serious! And a few days later, he sends me another come on line where he talks about NOT coming on to me!

not to come on to you but I was wondering if you would like to come over tomorrow night to my condo and we can go swimming and use the hot tub and get to know each other and laugh and flirt and just be happy

email me back

Step 4: Profit!

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Not being a creep but…

Hey Miss ! I think you are extremely gorgeous Miss ! Not being a creep but I extremely request you to make me your slave :$

Lick me? Really?

Wanna smoke weed and lick you )

Ewww Fourteen and Creepy!