Just Plain Creepy

Destroy Me?

Man with only a photo of abs on is profile:

woww id love to get the opportunity to destroy you ;)haha:$

What a douche!

Fastest Online Relationship Ever

Inappropriate Message Fail

Lick Your Boots Clean?

you are a goddess!! can I buy you high heel boots? and lick your boots clean?

I will pay to lick ur feet

Preheat to 400 Degrees F

Preheat to 400 Degrees F

Is it pink or blue?

Is it pink or blue?

Lick my body?

Please let me lick your body !! Wow

Nice Guy Syndrome

he has all the symptoms

It turns me on when you type like this

I wanna massage your pussy with my tongue inside you while I finger you make you wet

Guys on POF are such perverts. This must have been where all the guys who used to make creepy phone calls to women went once they discovered the internet.