Just Plain Creepy

Probably too big?

hey cutie ūüėõ whats up have you ever been with someone really hung before? I wouldn’t mind cuddling with you but I must warn you I’m very big, probably to big:$

Im a tiny girl, this shit actually just turns me off

It scares me off actually!

Convo took a turn

Convo took a turn

Somehow I doubt this is legit

Somehow I doubt this is legit

Old Mr. Grey

i can be your mr. grey…..;-)…..”but first i need you to acknowledge me as your man, to serve me as i say…..you are my equal in many ways, and i will always protect you, however, you need to be shown that there is a dynamic between us, that i am in control, of us, and that you must do as i say, or accept what i give, and receive my will…..you may not always like it, but it will always be for your own good”…..;-)

I’m 19, he’s 43. SCARY!!



Poop is not a sexy conversation starter

It started off so innocent!

how are you doing this evening? would love to chat with ya.looking to meet new people and see what happens from there…i love making a woman squirt all over and love to lick pussy;)im almost 8″ and three fingers thick…would love to feel it rub against your g spot as i bend you over the side arm of the couch;)hope to hear back from you

And eat cake!


Tempting… but no…

Wanna get stoned and let me lick you until you make my whole face wet?

Pervert Doesn’t Get The Hint

This guy has sent me numerous creepy and dirty messages on POF over the last few months, many of which I submitted here. He must just spam everyone because he never remembers that I’ve already given him shit for being such a freak. This is what he sends me today, so I decided to fuck with him:

Are u bi??

Me: Are you? Would you kiss a boy for me?

Depends what you would do with a girl for me. I would fuck with my friend if you want. Prob not kiss or touch tho but you could have both us! ;). Or foursome and yaa if you lick some pussy We can work something out heh. Can you deepthroat a 9? You like it rough?

literally 30 seconds later:

Free tonight?

Five minutes later:

Why don’t we meet first and see if we vibe. Have some fun together n if so ill bring my friend next time you can suck his cock while I fuck u from behind ūüėČ

Now I’m curious to see how far this’ll go. Me: No. You can come over here if you’ll be with my friend and I. But only if you’ll suck his cock while I suck yours.

No thanks. You can suck his while I fuck you.. How about that?

Me: No dice. Only straight boy on gay boy gets me wet.