Online Antics

Girls are sensitive

Whenever I talk to my girlfriend, she twistes what I say into something I didn’t say. Then she slaps me or starts crying or screams or runs. I think I should dump her

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Heartbreak and Romance Over on POF

Romance and Heartbreak

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I Didn’t Think People Still Actually Sent This


Yes: candy and ice cream!

Like sausage?

It IS A Nice Bum, But Still


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Random message guy got a reply. It was shitty


Random message with no prior contact from this dude

Outta nowhere

What A Charmer

Give Me Head

No intro, no previous message, not even a hello! Just straight to asking for head.

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A little too much honestly

Lets dial it back a little

Do You Have A Date At All?

Do u have a date at midnight with Nosfuratu?

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