Online Antics

First message with no context. WHAT

I need context

You Have Been Naughty?

you have been NAUGHTY. go to my room !!


I think you would enjoy my creepy glares.

No thank you random drug dealer

No thank you random drug dealer

Do people even still BBM?

Do people even still BBM?

Well now that you mention it….

I’m not even sure what this mean, but some guy PM’d me this.

I’ve thought you’d be happy fucking my ass.

Does he mean he wants me to fuck him with a strap-on? WTH?

We think he doesn’t like a profile pic with her smoking?

It’s hard to tell.
Any crypto people out there that can decypher this?

Too bad you’ll never find out

If they had a tight pussy award I think you would win

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So you would murder children?

Sith Love

Girls are sensitive

Whenever I talk to my girlfriend, she twistes what I say into something I didn’t say. Then she slaps me or starts crying or screams or runs. I think I should dump her

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