not sure exactly what you are seeking on the site but thought i would give you a shout. Sorry for bothering you if we are seeking very different things. I am brand new to this whole online thing and going to be honest about myself. I am 29 male, in shape and told I am not harsh on the eyes, but everyone has diff taste right. I do have a female friend in my life, which is quite serious, but a fantasy of mine has always been to have one last amazing night of pure sexual fun with a complete stranger (who is also very sexy) before committing to a life long relationship. Obviously this would be 100% discrete and secretive as I would never want to loose what I have. Sorry if this fantasy bothers you, as I know to some it may seem completely wrong, but hey we all have our naughty fantasies, and this has always been one of mine.

Place of your choice, ur house, a 5 star hotel or a motel if you find that naughtier.

If you may be interested, please hit me up, as I feel like you could make this fantasy all
that it has been built up to be in my head.