Online Antics

Pervert Doesn’t Get The Hint

This guy has sent me numerous creepy and dirty messages on POF over the last few months, many of which I submitted here. He must just spam everyone because he never remembers that I’ve already given him shit for being such a freak. This is what he sends me today, so I decided to fuck with him:

Are u bi??

Me: Are you? Would you kiss a boy for me?

Depends what you would do with a girl for me. I would fuck with my friend if you want. Prob not kiss or touch tho but you could have both us! ;). Or foursome and yaa if you lick some pussy We can work something out heh. Can you deepthroat a 9? You like it rough?

literally 30 seconds later:

Free tonight?

Five minutes later:

Why don’t we meet first and see if we vibe. Have some fun together n if so ill bring my friend next time you can suck his cock while I fuck u from behind ūüėČ

Now I’m curious to see how far this’ll go. Me: No. You can come over here if you’ll be with my friend and I. But only if you’ll suck his cock while I suck yours.

No thanks. You can suck his while I fuck you.. How about that?

Me: No dice. Only straight boy on gay boy gets me wet.

You Have Been Naughty?

you have been NAUGHTY. go to my room !!

What If I Have A Peanut Alergy?

No thank you random drug dealer

No thank you random drug dealer

Pineapples Are Scratchy

We should make love beneath a pineapple tree.

No. In Fact, please don’t!

can i cum for u

Because College Students Have So Much Money

So you’re going to college? That’s perfect cause I’m looking for a woman to be my sugar momma all day while i go to the gym and lay around all day… what you think?

Still wasn’t original. Just an asshole SMH

Creativity is a must

Interesting Offer

First message from random guy online:

mmmm wana fuck me with a strap on??

Kind of Clever Actually

I would never msg you because msg is bad and causes cancer.