Hey,i just wanted to say you are very beautiful and i know you get lots of emails but this is something different….i think you will love it and it is so much fun:)….i was hoping you would be interested in exploring this little fantasy of mine with me…im looking for a dominant bossy girl who would love to have me as her personal slaveboy/biatch to use however she wants…imagine having me on a dog leash on all fours as your footstool while you relax and/or have me tongue polish your heels for your entertainment,have me take you shopping while you boss me around and have me pay and carry your bags….its sort of mental power exchange fun games…,most private and discrete relationship…you can literally have me do things for you,have me run your errands…totally boss me around…myself im classy,fun guy just looking to explore this fantasy and see where it will take me…i think you will love it and i will worship the ground you walk on….if you are intrigued we should talk more