I’ll be perfectly honest with you. First person I’m approaching with this attitude so you better feel super duper special miss.

I am a player. I date as many women as I can, and in the last little while it’s embarassing to admit that I lost count. Typical douchebag right?

The reason why is because I’ve sort of given up on women. I honestly believe in my heart of hearts, that there are no more honest, truly good girls out there.

So until I find one, I’m going to be dating, like a madman. Hey, I’m single. Kiss my a.s.s. I live my life kinda the same way, take risks in business and whatnot, vacation like a madman, I’m totally spontaneous and will jump on any kind of opportunity for an adventure.

Most people might think this is crazy. They live in safety of their routine. Anything outside of it scares them because life’s scary when you don’t play it safe.

Anyways, down to the point. If you’ve made it this far, I guess this is where the good stuff comes in I guess. I’m looking for a girl that I can keep for a really long time. Yes, a good girl. Not just a nerd. I don’t care what your past is, I never knew you up til now. I want a truly good girl in the end. Mine. All mine. But that’s part of it.

Another thing I want is an incredible life. Which I kinda am already living. But you know, the sky’s the limit. So I’m trying to find cool, open minded people, to party with, go out and do stuff with like casinos, and vacations, and cottages, and ski chalets, and speed boating, maybe shopping in vegas, summer bbq’s with tons of alcohol, and can you say beach parties ? !! Your true friends will always have your back, and in the reality of today’s world that we live in, it’s becoming harder and harder to find.

Anyways… I’m open to connecting. Let’s see if you’re game and fit into me.