ok so u said dont write hi wuts up or wana chat etc etc..then wthh do u want us to write? u wan a fckin essay just so u dont read it n dont even reply to it?? Girls like u have to much attitude n full of themselves n u hav to understand that we guys we dont like to write essays or paragraphs when we msg a girl cuz we say wuts da point of us puttin all dat effort writin an essay n then u not even readin or replyin just cuz u didnt like our profile or pics etc…so we guys just say hi wuts up or wana chat etc just so we see if ur interested n will reply n if u r then we will start writin essays for u since u love em so much but not right of the bat when we first msg..ok thats it hope im clear n now u know y u gettin all these guys msgin u sayin nothin but just hi how r u wuts up etc etc…peaceee