Poorly Worded

It turns me on when you type like this

I wanna massage your pussy with my tongue inside you while I finger you make you wet

Guys on POF are such perverts. This must have been where all the guys who used to make creepy phone calls to women went once they discovered the internet.

Thanks for being a perv

Hahaha nice nip-ons in ur last pic 😛 mustve been cold out eh

Thanks. Also thanks for saving me the time of finding out that you’re a perv by being one right off the bat!

Too much info and far too early for it

Hey,i just wanted to say you are very beautiful and i know you get lots of emails but this is something different….i think you will love it and it is so much fun:)….i was hoping you would be interested in exploring this little fantasy of mine with me…im looking for a dominant bossy girl who would love to have me as her personal slaveboy/biatch to use however she wants…imagine having me on a dog leash on all fours as your footstool while you relax and/or have me tongue polish your heels for your entertainment,have me take you shopping while you boss me around and have me pay and carry your bags….its sort of mental power exchange fun games…,most private and discrete relationship…you can literally have me do things for you,have me run your errands…totally boss me around…myself im classy,fun guy just looking to explore this fantasy and see where it will take me…i think you will love it and i will worship the ground you walk on….if you are intrigued we should talk more

If You Win the Lottery, Go Back To School

U do cute if I win in lottery I come to u sweetie lol

Is It Bad That I’m Curious About This?

you would live 100 years.. if i could show you how.

Poop is not a sexy conversation starter

First message with no context. WHAT

I need context

Pervert Doesn’t Get The Hint

This guy has sent me numerous creepy and dirty messages on POF over the last few months, many of which I submitted here. He must just spam everyone because he never remembers that I’ve already given him shit for being such a freak. This is what he sends me today, so I decided to fuck with him:

Are u bi??

Me: Are you? Would you kiss a boy for me?

Depends what you would do with a girl for me. I would fuck with my friend if you want. Prob not kiss or touch tho but you could have both us! ;). Or foursome and yaa if you lick some pussy We can work something out heh. Can you deepthroat a 9? You like it rough?

literally 30 seconds later:

Free tonight?

Five minutes later:

Why don’t we meet first and see if we vibe. Have some fun together n if so ill bring my friend next time you can suck his cock while I fuck u from behind 😉

Now I’m curious to see how far this’ll go. Me: No. You can come over here if you’ll be with my friend and I. But only if you’ll suck his cock while I suck yours.

No thanks. You can suck his while I fuck you.. How about that?

Me: No dice. Only straight boy on gay boy gets me wet.

No thank you random drug dealer

No thank you random drug dealer

Well now that you mention it….

I’m not even sure what this mean, but some guy PM’d me this.

I’ve thought you’d be happy fucking my ass.

Does he mean he wants me to fuck him with a strap-on? WTH?