Having a firm handshake is extremely important.

Everyone SHOULD know that by now, but some people still don’t have it, so I’ll go over the basics here…

A weak handshake conveys insecurity and (obviously) weakness. Your handshake should always be strong and firm. It should convey confidence and power. Smiling and eye contact is important as well. You should look them straight in the eyes and smile warmly. In the field, I personally like to add a lot of enthusiasm to my handshake, practically thrusting my hand into theirs with a huge grin on my face. It conveys just the right attitude.

Knowing when to let go is important as well. You should know to let go the moment the other person starts to loosen their hand, or whenever you feel you’ve held hands long enough. Whichever comes first. Remember: you should be always leading, even in a handshake.

This doesn’t just apply to men you meet, either. A woman expects a firm handshake from a confident alpha male.

Don’t believe me? Make your opener for this week “Hey guys, do you find a strong handshake attractive? Or does it matter?” See what kind of responses you get.

You don’t want to give them the limp fish, but you don’t want to crush their hand either, so be careful. The key words here are strong and firm. A handshake conveys a tremendous amount of information about your personality, so practice with your wing-men or friends until you feel you’ve got it right.

Now that’s the stuff everyone should know already. Here’s the stuff that most people don’t:

Most guys who are going to try to AMOG you are going to squeeze your hand rather hard. The more they feel threatened, the harder they will squeeze to show you that they mean business. If you’re like me, and wear a lot of rings, someone squeezing your hand like that can fucking hurt.

Luckily, you can get by this by sticking your index finger straight out when you take the guys hand, as if you’re pointing at him (Lovedrop taught me this, by the way). By doing this, your hand will naturally grip his farther up, so when he squeezes it, he will be squeezing your HAND, and not your fingers or knuckles. He can squeeze as hard as he wants, and he’s not going to hurt you. And you can still squeeze his hand firmly without any problem.

The other thing you can do is turn your hands so that yours is on top of his. According to several body language texts that I’ve read over the years, the person with their hand on top during a handshake is considered to be the more dominant one. The perfect way to do this is to turn your hand the moment you grip his. Do this firmly and quickly (but not too fast!), so that you will catch him off guard, as he might try to resist. If you do firmly twist your hands before he can react, you can lock yours over top of his, and even if he tries to turn it back, you will have the advantage and can let go before he can even try to overpower you.

Sounds like a lot of work right?

Well, it takes a hell of a lot more to explain than it does to just do it. Just point and twist, and be strong and firm. It’s as simple as that. Try it out with your friends or wing-men, and you’ll see how easy it is. Within a day or two, you’ll never shake hands the same way again.

Happy sarging,