kiss close

Happy Holidays everyone!

In the spirit of giving I thought I’d share with you an easy little kino gambit that you can quickly use to escalate to a kiss-close. It builds sexual tension and uses triangular gazing to get her thinking about the kiss. It also gives you a number of different directions to stack or multi-thread if you don’t get the compliance you need right away.

Triangular Gazing, if you’ve never heard of it, is when a woman will look from one eye to the next, then at your lips, then back to an eye, and so on and so on. When a woman is thinking about kissing you, her gaze moves in a triangle in this way. But when we have a woman emotionally engaged, we can get her to start doing triangular gazing by doing it ourselves. So as we look from eye to eye to lips and repeat, she will begin to do the same. And as a result, she will start to think about kissing you!

I’ve mostly been using this routine when I’m isolated, which means Ive seen some IOIs and have qualified her a bit. By this time I have usually tested compliance with some hand-holding, hugging etc. You can lead into this routine through any routine or gambit that involves talking about any of senses. Food, music, human experience, and art are all great topics to launch into this routine from:

The 9 Senses Kiss Gambit

Prophet: “Most people think humans have only 5 senses. The reality is that we have 9. We have hearing [point to your ears]… sight [look into her eyes]… taste… [point to your lips, this can queue triangular gazing]… touch [hold her hands]… and smell [if you can do it without being creepy, smell her hair – if not, just joke that you won’t try to smell her]. But we can also have parts of our body that sense balance and acceleration, temperature and pressure, pain, and what is called the Kinesthetic sense… which is being AWARE of the parts of your body… and where they physically are.”

Start the first bit of the next line a little dramatically, to build some tension (as she’ll think you’re going to try to something “smooth”) then the last bit playfully to release:

Prophet: “For instance… if you close your eyes… [playfully] can you touch… your finger to your nose?”

Get her to do it, if she can’t do it, neg her for being drunk and tell her she would totally end up in the drunk tank with all the other weirdos.

Do you have enough compliance?

If you haven’t sensed any resistance with the hand-holding and smell, or if you’ve noticed her doing triangular gazing, you can go for the kiss (below). If not, you need to build more kino compliance, so you can stack into something a little lighter, like the Body Back Writing Game:

Prophet: “It’s that sense… that allows you to find the right spot on your body with your finger… It’s also why it’s impossible to tickle yourself. A tickle comes from an unexpected touch in sensitive places. If you already know… that you are going to touch yourself… there is no tickle. Did you every play the back-writing game back in grade school? Where you draw letters on your friend’s back and they guess what word you wrote?”

then play body back writing and calibrate from there.

Escalate to the kiss

If you haven’t sensed any resistence in the handholding, and she doing the triangular gasing, continue doing the same leaning in very slowly as you talk. If you notice that she pulls back while you do this (and IOD) then she may not be ready to kiss pull back as well and finish the routine and then either stack into something that either builds value, like a DHV routine, or compliance, like the Body Back Writing bit above.

Prophet: “It’s that sense that allows you to find the right spot on your body with your finger. It’s also what ALLOWS…. US… TO KISS…[look at her lips as you say this] you actually cant see your lips… and as you get… closer to a person [lean in a bit if she’s also doing triangular gazing]… you cant even see their lips… so you have to rely on your other senses…[if she hasn’t pulled away, or is leaning in closer as you lean in, kiss her either on the cheek or the lips, depending on how much compliance you get] …just to show the most fundamental form of affection. Isn’t that fascinating?”

Invisible threads

You’ll note that there’s a lot of sexual undertones throughout the whole gambit, particularly suggestive phrases that sound like I’m talking about her touching herself. Every now and then someone will call attention to this, sometimes positively, and sometimes as a shit test. If they bite on those innuendoes and it seems like a shit test, or if they just seem them getting a look on their face that you can misinterpret as such, you can bust on them with something like:

Prophet: “Oh my god get your mind out of the gutter. I’m totally not in that headspace right now.”

Or, if they bite on it in a positive way, such as by talking about touching themselves, you can multi-thread into something a little more sexual, like the Masturbate in the Shower gambit or something like:

Prophet: “Ok Cosmo survey time… have any of you guys ever faked an orgasm? Why?”

You can always come back to this thread (and ultimately the kiss) after you have built more sexual tension.

Merry Christmas Sarging!