Merry Christmas everyone!

Here’s a fun little gambit I found a while ago that I’ve been using at Christmas parties.  It spikes buying temperature like crazy, generates some buzz from the whole group (good for building value for other groups of girls nearby), requires very little investment, and even lets you get some early kino in.

Introduce it by saying “My little cousin (or niece) just showed me this when I went to see her for Christmas.”  Then just tell her to put her hands together and start the gambit.  You can even do this as subtext of a story that might be somehow related to what you’re doing.  I’ve also been using a British pound for coin, as it generates a lot of questions.  Follow the instructions at the link below (it has pictures!).  I’d write the whole thing out myself, but I’m drinking spiked egg nog and there’s a beautiful woman telling me to hurry the fuck up and post this already.  Enjoy!

Happy Christmas sarging!