Unless you’re only ever having one-night-stands (and if you are, you are probably shooting yourself in the foot with a lot of amazing women), Phone Game can be a crucial part of your game and can be a major sticking point for a lot of men. Anyone who hasn’t got this down yet in their game should make a conscious effort to try to #-close every single set the open. Get as many numbers as you can to practice on, no matter how short or bad your time in the set may have been. The more phone calls you make, the better your phone game will get. Hell, even calling a number that you are certain is a fake or will not respond is still practice and will help you start to feel more comfortable on the phone.

So to help you out, I’ve put together everything I’ve learned about phone game over my years in the field, as well as from other sources like Mehow, TD, Mystery, Lovedrop, and others. This is what works for me, and if you apply a little common sense it should work just as well for you. Since we’ve just rolled out the new site, I’m going to be posting these in a series

Part 1: Making the First Call

The first question that even AFCs ask about calling a woman after you get their number is “when should I call?” Some people say wait two days, some people say wait a week, and some people say call her that night. The truth is that there really is no definite answer. You have to decide when to call based on how your interaction went. I personally like to call her after one or two days, unless it’s a weekend and I know she’ll be busy, in which case I’ll wait until Monday. But if it seems like my game wasn’t exactly on par or she seems like the type to have forgotten me after a couple days, I may call her sooner. I’d personally rather appear a little eager than have to go through the “where do I know you from again?” conversation. It’s a pretty good state-killer. But as I said, there is no definite answer. You have to calibrate based on how the set went.

I’ve personally always liked Mehow’s plan for calling your targets.

The first thing I’ll do is send her a “feeler” text sometime in the early afternoon. This is usually something silly or ridiculous like:

Bunnies are out to get me!

OMG there’s WATER falling from the SKY!

Excuse me, do you have any Grey Pupon?

It’s really a shame we have to get a divorce, your parents are so rich.

I’m too high maintenance for you

Stop flirting with me, I’m too busy right now

You’re sleeping on the couch tonight, young lady

Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh

I saw a bobble-head in a store today that looked like you

I think I just saw Jesus and Santa talking outside of a Mc Donald’s

Why is there no blue food?

Someone left a rose on my doorstep this morning and I have no idea who it was

I didn’t want to do this over text, but I can’t keep this from you anymore: I’m pregnant. What are we going to do?!

I feel so old sometimes. I think I’m going to buy suspenders and take up bingo

You may or not get a response to your text. If she does respond, carry the thread humorously for a couple of texts back and forth, and then stop responding on a high note.


Prophet: God I feel so old sometimes! I think I’m going to buy suspenders and take up bingo

HB: u should get glasses with strings on them so u dont loose them

Prophet: and then I’ll start telling the same stories all over and over again and call all you kids whippersnappers

HB: Haha and start every story with well back in MY day?

And then I’ll just stop responding. From there, I’ll wait a few hours and then call her later in the evening. This way you are fresh in her mind and because you just went silent on a high note. If your text game was tight, she’ll be wanting more and will be far more likely to pick up when you call.

However, occasionally you will get a slightly needy or extremely interested girl, and she will still send you texts, even after you have stopped responding. Use your judgment here to decide whether she is being creepy/needy or if she just wants a little more you. She’s sending you IOIs with every message she sends you after you stop responding, so if you decide that it’s the latter you can just call her right then if you want. And if she calls YOU, be sure to answer and say something like “Haha, just couldn’t get enough of me, could you?”

If she doesn’t respond to your initial text, DO NOT SEND HER MORE. Wait until the evening and just call her anyway.

If she picks up when you call, immediately use callback humor. Call her a brat, a troublemaker, your attack kitten – whatever nickname you gave her when you were gaming her. And if you aren’t using nicknames in your sets? Get on that man! It builds conspiracy and will make you stand out from the rest of the AFCs that hit on her that night. It doesn’t HAVE to be a nickname necessarily, however. Any form of callback humor will work, as long as you’re fairly certain that she will remember it.

Next on phone game: Part 2 – How to Talk To Her On The Phone