So I was talking to this guy, and then after the summer we stopped hanging out and both went our seperate ways. A couple months later he got a grilfriend and we completely stop talking. A year later, we were both going to the same place and he was texting me while I was on my way there asking me if we could have sex. Not knowing what to say I just laughed at him and said no cause I knew he had a girlfriend. When I got there, my best friend, his sister, made me a drink and we started to play paradise island. Figuring my friend wouldnt let her brother cheat on his girlfriend, I thought they broke up. We all got drunk, and we hooked up. Afterwards walking to the bathroom I asked him what happened with him and his ex. He said nothing, that they were still dating. The next night was their prom night, and he was to attend with her. We no longer speak.