prophet bucket list

My ball-pit balcony

This originally started out as a gambit that I would use in the field back when I first got an iPhone and was looking for clever ways to show it off in the field. The Bucket List is basically all the things you do before you “kick the bucket”, as they say. I got the idea from that movie with Jack Nickolson and Morgan Freeman. It’s a simple and extremely effective way to demonstrate your high value personality in the field, build comfort, and even set up fun and exciting dates with your girl!

First, you need to create a bucket list for yourself. This is your opportunity to create unique and interesting goals to achieve in your life, so take your time and really think about it. Think of all the cool places you would like to visit and the wonderful things you’ve always dreamed of doing and all the crazy/weird/beautiful things you would like to see, and write them all down. Think about things that display value and show a sense of humor and adventure. Write down really grand ideas as well as small local things you’ve always wanted to do. And here’s the key, the really sneaky part: since you’re just starting it now you can add things that you have already done and check them off. If you’ve visited somewhere cool, add it. If you’ve done something that coveys value, add it. Almost anything that you have a funny or value-laden story for can be added if you word it correctly. And you can pepper them into your bucket list as tiny possible conversational threads.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, an excerpt of my bucket list is below. This is actually only a portion of it, as my bucket list has grown MASSIVE in size. (Side note: the woman I closed the night before I wrote this joked that we needed to hang out again just so she can read the rest of my list – how awesome is that?) There are a lot of bucket list apps out there, but I like storing mine in a note. It feels less gimmicky that way. So to “check off” items I put an asterisk at the beginning.

Ride a horse in a city
Walk on water (add cornstarch)
Rent the party streetcar
Do my own TedTalk
Survive the 5K Zombie obstacle course
Jump off A Bridge
Get hair cut at Sweeny Todds
* See the Rosetta Stone
Harass a Palace Guard in London
* Ride a double-decker bus
Search for ghosts in the Crystal Ballroom
Pick up a woman wearing the ugliest sweater in the world.
Win a chess-boxing match
Get shot while wearing a bullet-proof shirt.
Photograph the planet earth
Cross Abbey Road
* Dance at a London Goth club
Bats Day in Disneyland
Make a scrapbook for my gnome
* Walk through a drive-through
Stand in a desert
* Put bubbles in a public fountain
Stripper Karaoke on Vegas
Walk over hot coals
Ski in the nude
Dirty russian roulette
* Throw a man off a cliff
Do Shambala in BC
Try Chocolate-covered Bacon
* Participate In A Flash Mob
* Smoke Weed on top of a mountain
Sneak into a place wearing Groucho glasses
Hire two private detectives to follow each other
Achieve 15 minutes of internet fame
Ride An Elephant
Eat a Grapple
Witness a healing at a Revival
Sleep with a woman on every continent on earth (3/7)
Swim in the Devils Pool (Zimbabwe)
Have sex in a photo booth
Do Burning Man
* Visit a nudist colony.
* Learn to dance
See Evil Dead the musical.
Make a black market deal in Russia.
* Get away with an ocean’s 11-style caper.
Ruin the life of an asshole.
* Have a sword fight in a public place.

Now there are a number of ways you can introduce this. Mentioning your bucket list during a DHV story is a good way to bait the thread. “…so, you know, checked that off the bucket list!” You can also have your wing introduce the topic if he can do it in a casual manner. “Oh hey, Steph told me you checked off X from your Bucket List. How’d that go?” Women will typically bite on this thread, and when they ask about it, say:

“The Bucket List is what I live my life by. You ever seen the movie? With Jack Nickolson and Morgan Freeman? It’s a list of things that you want to do before you…you know, kick the bucket. Get it?“

Then take out your phone and show it to the group as you explain:

“I truly believe in living life to the fullest… I’ve created a list of all the outlandish and zany things I want to do before I die. It’s a long list, but I’m getting there. The ones with the marks are the ones I’ve checked off.”

You have now literally handed the girls a list of why you’re an interesting guy. It’s like saying “Here, these are all the reasons why I’m awesome” totally below the radar. And ready for the best part? Eventually, someone in the group is going to ask about something on the list. You can now launch into whatever story, future adventure, snappy one-liner, or even just a cool tidbit of information goes with any item on your list.

So if someone asks me about “Throw a man off a cliff” I have a story in which a thug gets himself pushed off a small cliff in a city park for harassing my girls.

If someone asks me about “Photograph the planet earth” I can tell them about how (with the help of a brilliant blonde bartender I know) I’m building a high-altitude balloon to photograph the earth from the stratosphere and I’m using iPhones to track it’s location (I’m really doing this, we launched our first balloon last week).

If someone asks me about “Sleep with a woman on every continent on earth” I can just smile and joke “Yup. Antarctica is going to be really hard though. I’ve looked into it and apparently it takes weeks of psychological testing before they’ll allow you to go there. They’d clearly never let you go though 

If you’re really daring, you can even use your phone as a lock-in prop and tell your story to the obstacles. Meanwhile your girl has to stand there and look at more of the DHV spikes listed on your phone. Just be careful if you try this… you always want to make sure you’re going to get your phone back before you hand it over to someone else!

If someone asks me about something that I have not checked off, I can use it as an opportunity to create a future adventure projection involving you and the girl completing the item. If it’s something that could be an easy date idea I can remember this for seeding and closing on later.

And if it’s something that I can use in comfort, I can tell her “Let’s come back to that one” and then bring it up when I isolate her.

If you want, you can even qualify the girl by asking her what the top three things on her bucket list should be. Just be careful not to get stuck talking about your bucket list all night. Although it can be easy to just sit there and launch into thread after thread while the girls crowd around you, you are essentially ONLY talking about your bucket list. Ask her what she has/would have on her list. She will come up with a few. If not, lightly tell her she’s boring. Dislike one of them a little, but really like the rest.

Many times, the group will give you one that could make for an awesome date. They will give you date ideas! Tell her that you are adding it to your list and then plan it briefly with her if it’s complicated. But don’t set it up as a date yet – just seed it for now. Then later on, you can close her with:

“Listen, next [whatever day makes the most sense], you and I MUST check off X from our bucket lists. Here, name and number please. [number close]”

The thing is, I really do live my life by my bucket list. It has led to so many adventures, experiences, awesome dates, and amazing stories! It’s a fantastic way to live and creates a fascinating and fun lifestyle that women are attracted to.

Happy sarging,