This is a particularly BRUTAL routine that I use when I meet an especially aggressive AMOG (Alpha Male Other Guy). I only use this for the guys that really need destroyed. However, it’s a neat little routine in that you can break it up and only use the pieces you need. As a whole, it’s a rather long piece to try to get out in a busy nightclub without getting interrupted, so you should only use the parts that are relevant to the situation.

First, read my little article on how to shake hands. All you’re really doing here is teaching the guy what I wrote about in that post while simultaneously framing him like a try-hard beta male. Just be sure you do this with an extremely friendly tone and a warm smile. You don’t want to come off harsh or like you’re obviously attacking him. You’re just teaching something to the group and showing the guy something cool, even though you’re really AMOGing him while leading the group (DHVing yourself while DLVing him).

There are two good ways to bring up this routine: either the AMOG will go to shake your hand and try to squeeze the fuck out of it to intimidate you, or, if he’s trying to AMOG you in other ways, you say “Man, you are a COOL guy. What’s you name?” and offer to shake his hand.

Note: sometimes a guy will refuse to shake your hand. He’ll just stare at you or say something lame like “I just washed my hands.” In this case, be completely unreactive. Just smile and keep your hand out, and occasionally look expectantly back and forth between him and your hand. As long as you are unreactive and smiling, the longer he goes without shaking your hand, the bigger a fool he will look. He becomes the social violator and ends up blowing himself out. After a while you can give up and say “Wow, you can dress him up, but you cant take him anywhere!” Problem solved. You don’t even need the rest.

Most of the time, however, he will shake your hand and try to crush it. Especially if he’s bigger than you. But even if he doesn’t, you can still pretend that he did and carry on as normal.

Act like he was trying REALLY hard to squeeze your hand. Laugh and say “Woah! Easy there killer, don’t crush my hand!” Clap him on the shoulder (AMOGing him by putting your hands on him). “Damn man, you obviously work out!”

Then turn to the girls…

“You know, a lot of women don’t realize that when two males meet, the aspiring alpha male will try to show dominance over the alpha male by trying to squeeze the shit out of his hand. Just like how goats will but heads to compete for a mate. So what will happen is that one will really try to squeeze the others hand,” [during this, you can even do a little NLP gesture to show him as the beta, and yourself as the alpha]
[act this next part out, overemphasizing the effort you’re putting into crushing someone’s hand. This will frame your AMOG as a try-hard because you JUST called him out for doing exactly this]
“and then he’ll squeeze back harder and then the other will try even harder, and so on and so on”
[put your hand out and shake his hand again while you say this next bit, put on a shit-eating grin as you talk, as if you’re pretending to smile while you’re crushing his hand. DO NOT ACTUALLY TRY TO SQUEEZE HIS HAND – you’re just pretending here]
“while they both just stand there smiling at each other like nothing is wrong at all. And this can go on for like, several minutes: these two guys just standing there trying to crush each other.”
[Then turn to the girls while still holding the guy’s hand]
“But of course all the women ever see are two guys smiling at each other, and…you know…holding hands.
[shrug a little here to show how ridiculous it is, then let go of him]

One of the great things about the bit above is that any time he tries to AMOG you again, you can continue to frame him as a try-hard beta by just turning to the girls and saying something like “See? Just like goats butting heads. So anyway…”

Now that you’ve framed the guy as a total try-hard and a beta male, you can go on and teach the guy how to properly shake hands (thus further showing dominance). Even though you just horribly tooled the guy, you are still smiling and wanting to teach him something because you still think he’s cool, which will make him look like a social violator if he gets all defensive.

“But you’re a cool guy, so I’m going to show you the proper way to shake someone’s hand so that kind of shit never has to happen.”
[Now you take his hand and show him how to point his index finger when he shakes hands]
“First, whenever you shake someone’s hand, point your index finger straight out, almost as if you are pointing at the other guy. When you do this, the other guy can squeeze your hand all he wants, and you’ll barely feel it. Go ahead and try it: squeeze as hard as you can.”
[He may try or he may not. Either way, he’s playing into your frame and looks bad. Just make sure it looks like you don’t feel anything. You probably wont feel any discomfort at all, but sometimes you run into some REALLY strong guys. Just laugh and say “See?”]
“Next, when you shake someone’s hand, turn your hand so that your is on top of his.” [Show him by doing this yourself]
[Now speak both to him and the girls, you want to set this frame in their minds as well]
“Spoken words only make up about seven percent of human communication. The rest comes from tonality and body language. People don’t realize it, but when they see two people shakes hands, they unconsciously consider whoevers hand is on top to be the more dominant person in the interaction. Isn’t that interesting?”
[pat the guy on the shoulder or something]
“So there you go! You never have to butt heads with anyone ever again.”

From there you can launch into anything else.

The beautiful part about this last bit is that not only are you teaching the AMOG something, but by showing how whoevers hand is on top is more dominant, you are also teaching the women in the group that you are, in fact, more dominant than him.

Again, this is a LONG routine, so you have to pick and choose what parts are relevant relevant to your situation.

Feel free to ask questions and enjoy!

Happy sarging,