This is how I open women during my ride to the office in the morning using my iPhone.  It’s perfect for when you happen to be sitting beside a beautiful women who is wearing headphones. Women who are used to being hit on will wear headphones as a social barrier to protect them from creepy guys.  But with a simple drawing app on your smartphone, you can easily open her without having to say a word with a quirky game that requires almost no social commitment on her part.  I have yet to have a woman not take off her headphones and have a conversation with me after playing a game of tic-tac-toe.  And even if she did, it’s so subtle and unspoken that no one else would even see it – so you don’t have to worry about being blown out in front of a subway full of people!  The idea came from another PUA (I think it was David Wygant?) who I heard would open women in supermarkets by playing tic-tac-toe on the glass freezer doors.

The Setup

The app I use is Brushes for iPhone, but any simple drawing app will do.  I already have a template pre-drawn, but if the woman can see my screen I’ll obviously just drawn one up really quick. I try not to make it look perfect, as I want it to legitimately look like a spur-of-the-moment thing.

Part of the reason I think this works so well is because I’m usually dressed well, groomed, and smiling when I’m in transit like this.  Even if I was out way too late last night and am up way too early for comfort, I’m always listening to some energetic music and projecting a good vibe.  Most women of quality aren’t going to want to talk to the scruffy guy who looks way too tired.  But the guy wearing a tie that wants to play tic-tac-toe?  That’s interesting.    I typically wear headphones because they have the effect of a false disqualifier (you can easily just turn away and go back to your music at any time).  Also, having your headphones attached to your phone also keeps her from running off with it. 😉

The Open

If she’s not looking give her a slight nudge to get her attention.  Look her in the eyes and give her a friendly smile, then show her the phone.  Look back at her and then back at the phone to playfully communicate that you’re waiting on her to take her turn. Because there’s no verbal component to the open your body language and facial expressions are important here.  Relaxed and playful is the vibe you want to portray.  I always have music playing on my headphones so I can enjoy myself while she plays her turn.  Don’t fidget or tap your feet and only turn your head to face her unless she turns her body towards you (women will do this if they really get into the game).  If she doesn’t play at first, plow a little and write “chicken.” (the period makes it more meaningful – seriously!) below the board and show it to her playfully.

Stacking Forward

After you play a game you can easily launch into any non sequitur topic you want.  If you’re wearing headphones take out one earbud, giving you the opportunity to neg her later by putting the earbud back in, and strike up a conversation.  If you win, say something like “Still… the… WORLD CHAMPION.  Good game!  Did you know… that fish… cough?”  Or “Good game!  You know… I did a good deed yesterday… that was my good deed for the month though… so from now until [whatever month]… I get to be a… COMPLETE…. ASSHOLE.”  Or launch into a cold read like “Good game!  Out of curiosity… why do you wear your rings on those fingers?”

Happy sarging,