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It IS A Nice Bum, But Still


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Do You Have A Date At All?

Do u have a date at midnight with Nosfuratu?

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If you’re gonna be cocky


At least be grammatically correct!

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“I’m clean” Is not exactly winning me over

I'm clean

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We Should Get Married?

I just checked out your profile and I think we should get married over the weekend. I know this guy who is a justice of the peace and he can get this done for us. We may have to meet him at his weekend job but you don’t mind getting married in a run-down bowling alley, do you?

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3some? – no thanks!

Join dating website, first message I receive:

3some ?

ME: seriously? I’ve had an account for 10 minutes.

lol , well don’t waist time ๐Ÿ™‚

45 minutes after I don’t respond:

u like gals ?

Another 45 minutes go by:

or shud i do u myself ! lol

ME: Maybe you should just do yourself and not waste any time at all?

well no waste,its like sh**ting in a toilet since u look like one !

Don’t even know why I responded: “Oh boy that doesn’t even make any sense.”


2 min later:

wasn’t serious anyway

5 min later:

but u sure hate me now lol

30 min later:

looooong wknd ahead lol

4 days later (not getting the hint)

wussup !!

ANOTHER week later:

what’s ur number, wana show u my c*ck lol

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