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King Arthur Has Some Baggage

hFB03CCA8 King Arthur Has Some Baggage

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Tesla the Player

h71157DD2 Tesla the Player

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Honest Dating

h2E891906 Honest Dating

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The Smoothest Man Alive

etJAYbfjN0Ke3vhkNCR9NA2 The Smoothest Man Alive

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You Remind Me Of My Pinky Toe

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I Have No Son

78gqDKu I Have No Son

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I Have A Tiny Penis

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The Worst Online Dating Profile in the World

I saw this article in my newsfeed today and thought you guys would find it interesting: http://www.cracked.com/blog/4-things…-profile-ever/

I love “u”

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Something About Disney Prince Pick-Up Lines is Profoundly Strange

3HvCPJIUp0GZuQW8e5XJew2 Something About Disney Prince Pick Up Lines is Profoundly Strange

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